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Monday is Parent Affirmation Day at Help 4 Your Family! 6/11/2012- creative solutions

English: A day in lunch

English: A day in lunch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Written by, Kate Oliver, MSW, LCSW-C

The day-to-day tasks that come with being a parent can make it difficult sometimes to stand back and see the forest for the trees.  With all the chauffering, making of meals, time keeping, study supporting, and the coaching/ disciplining we can get into a rut and forget something important… we forget about creative solutions.  Creative solutions are all around us.

I remember when my husband and I figured out that dates can happen during the day!  We decided that instead of going out in the evening when we are already tired and ready to crawl into bed, we would get the babysitter for the day.  That way we can go get lunch, when the restaurants are nearly empty, and see a movie or take a walk together, then come home and be there to put the girls to bed.  We enjoy each other so much when we are not tired.

Sometimes creative solutions come from the outside also.  I remember being very frustrated with dinner time.  It is a real struggle in my home to put a meal on the table that is acceptable to everyone and I found that I was working hard to find meals that would work.  Week after week, I tried different meals and week after week, between one and three members of my family would reject whatever it was that I made.  I finally got so frustrated I decided my own attempts to fix it were not working and I needed to hand my problem over.  I used today’s affirmation. Wouldn’t you know it?  That night, I got an email from one of my favorite websites.  In the email, a mom wrote about how she could not get her family to agree on what meals to eat.  She decided to pass out index cards to each of the members of her family so they could write down a few meals they like and then she plugged those meals into the calendar.  I could have kissed the screen!  We’ve been following this suggestion ever since and it works.

Today’s affirmation is:

I am open to finding creative solutions to any problem.

If you are having a hard time believing this one will help, you can put it to the test.  Think of a problem you are having right now.  Put your attention on it and affirm that you are open to finding solutions, whether you think of them yourself, or they come from someone else.  Say the affirmation over and over whenever you think about the problem and then see what happens.

Once you have done that, come tell me about it!  I want to know about the issue and the solutions that came to you or that you came up with.  Maybe by sharing, you will be giving someone else a solution they were looking for.

By the way, the website I mentioned with the helpful tips is  After you finish looking at my blog, go check her out, she is wonderful.

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