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Mission statement

My mission for this blog is to help anyone who is a parent and is struggling to find ways to embrace parenting.  As we journey through parenthood, especially if our childhood did not feel ideal to us, at each stage of our child’s development we can find ourselves re-living our own challenges from that time.  I hope to help parents embrace the journey of parenthood and to utilize the love for our children as a motivator to find peace within ourselves so that we may be the best parents we can be.  More than any one particular parenting strategy, I believe a peaceful, happy parent is the best possible parent to a child of any age. By working with parents who have children with some of the most difficult issues, I have unique knowledge about helping people to stay sane in what can feel like the crazy world of parenting.  I plan to do this via helpful suggestions, education about child development and meeting the needs of children and parents, and the sharing of stories.  If you find you ever struggle in this journey, I encourage you to ask questions, and share your thoughts.

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