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4 Reminders to help the holidays go smoothly for everyone

9-7-4 Easter

9-7-4 Easter (Photo credit: cobalt123)

If you are a parent who is going to celebrate Easter or Passover this weekend please take a moment to remember a few things that will help the holiday’s go smoother.

1.  Remember that your children have not done this holiday very many times yet.  Even a ten-year old has only experienced this holiday 10 times and does not even remember the first two.  Reviewing the expectations and schedule changes so kids can be prepared is very helpful.  Will there be family gatherings that are different?  Will you be playing outside finding eggs in your Sunday clothes?  Is the church or synagogue service longer or done differently?

2.  Remember that while we might be tense and/or worried about things like being around family members we don’t often see, or whether we will be able to pull off surprises for the kids, our children- while excited- are also picking up on the feelings and tone we set.  If we overextend ourselves, our children will not have as good a time either.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard about the yearly parental meltdown around a holiday!  This means, try to keep everyone on the same sleep schedule- including you.  Eat and drink as needed… you get the picture.

3.  Even though you already spoke with your child about what to expect for the holiday, if you are going anywhere else, gently remind them of the expectations again in the car on the way there.  Also talk about adult’s expectations of them.  You might be expecting them to act differently at grandma’s but they don’t know that unless you tell them, or after it’s already too late.   You may even want to rehearse with a small child about what to do if they receive something unwanted.  It is age appropriate for a child, even up to age six to ask if “that’s all” or to say they do not like something.  Offer alternatives, like asking a parent quietly in the next room about whether more is coming to them, or saying thank you for a gift or treat they do not like.

4.  Possibly most important.  Allow yourself to be in and experience the joy of the present moment.  Anything that goes wrong now are memories shared and as long as no one got permanently hurt- they are not disasters.

I hope everyone, whether you celebrate or not, has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I think you have awesome insights. I am new to this blog thing and have no idea what i am doing. Hopefully you get this message. i would like to follow you, but don’t know how.

    Comment by adifferenceforyourlovedones | April 6, 2012 | Reply

    • You are very sweet! Thank you 🙂 I am new to this world too. I think if you are looking at the blog and look at the top left part of the screen you will see something that says +Follow. If you click it, you will get updates as they come. I love feedback so we can figure out the blog thing together.

      Comment by help4yourfamily | April 6, 2012 | Reply

      • My daughter just helped me to figure out how to follow.Thank you. I love to read, but I am not into novels. So this is great- provided I have internet. Have an awesome resurrection day!

        Comment by adifferenceforyourlovedones | April 6, 2012

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