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Picking the right books for your family’s needs

If there were one perfect book out there that fit every family, when we went to find one there wouldn’t be so many darned books to choose from!  In fact, there are a wealth of wonderful books out there.  The trick is finding the right one to fit your family and your child’s needs.  Part of the reason I started this blog was to have a place to quickly reference good materials for the families I work with and to keep myself accountable for staying up-to-date on publications that will help families.  Anyone with more than one child knows they are like snowflakes- each one is different.  Below are a two books I typically recommend along with the types of parents/families I think they will work for.

Parenting with Love and Logic, by Cline and Fay

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This is a classic series and has several different offshoots from the original.  There are Love and Logic books for adolescents, for very young children, for grandparents raising grandchildren, etc.  What I like about the Love and Logic parenting book is that the first half gives a realistic, reasonable framework for parents to follow, then in the second half the authors give you real examples of how to parent to specific issues while using the framework set up in the first half.  I do want to point out that this is a Christian oriented book.  I do not identify as a Christian counselor, however, the religious aspect of this book is not too heavy and I think it is a helpful book for families regardless of religious orientation.  Because I also work with attachment disordered children, I would also like to add the techniques taught are helpful to all children, including kids with AD.

Inner Peace for Busy Women by Joan Borysenko

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If you are female and you have children, this book is for you.  It is one of my very favorites.  While it is geared more toward moms that work outside the home, I think it is helpful to mom’s that are at home full-time as well.  This is not a “do it my way so you can do it right” book.  To use the author’s description, she acknowledges that we are all living in a whirlwind of activity and that our goal is to be the calm center of the storm as it whirls around you.  With humor and understanding Dr. Borysenko helps us all to be more gentle to ourselves and to find peace.  I personally listened to this book as a book on tape, then loved it so much I bought the book as well.  If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend listening to this book for some good soul nurturing.

It is no mistake I picked these books first to tell you about since I find myself recommending them so much to parents I work with.

Stay tuned for more good book recommendations.

Happy reading!

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  1. I love the Love & Logic approach ever since we were trained in it as part of the training process to become foster parents.

    Comment by Karen @ Folk Haven | April 4, 2012 | Reply

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