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Are you a parent that feels guilty a lot over things you said or did with your children?  Do you feel guilty over things you didn’t say or do with your children?  Join the club.  We have all been there.  My hope is to make this blog about helping you to find resources to overcome the guilt and shame many parents come to find is a perpetual part of parenting.

My name is Kate Oliver.  I’m writing this blog not only as a parent of two myself, but also as a therapist.  I have been an LCSW-C (licensed Social Worker- Clinical) in Maryland for the past 12 years.  And have worked as a child and adult therapist with a specialization in attachment and trauma.  I am currently in private practice.  Some of the things I plan to write about are: feeling “good enough” as a parent, figuring out how to find a system of parenting that works for you, helping your children with every day issues, helping your traumatized child, caring for your attachment disordered child, parental self care, and teaching your child to love him or herself. I welcome topics people want to hear about.  I also plan on sharing good books and letting you know helpful books I like and the population I think those books would be helpful to.

I find that parents in my practice tend to come to me with similar issues all in a cluster.  For example, in one week, I had several parents find out that their children were using technology in a sneaky way.  I can only imagine that this is an issue for many parents out there.  After all, we are all connected so if your little Suzie is using her alarm to wake her up so she can talk to her boyfriend you didn’t know she had at 3am, somewhere, Bobby’s parents are finding out he was talking to Suzie and he figured out how to do that from Johnny because he was doing it with his boyfriend and so on and so on. When that happens, I will be writing to let you know about the trend and how to handle it.  I will not be writing any information about my clients that would identify them to you only about issues I see in my office, nor will I be able to diagnose or treat anyone online.  This blog is for psycho-educational purposes only. Oh yes, by the way, this blog will be inclusive of all families and all children, if you are trying to make it as a family and help your children to have a happy life, and you would like to be happier along the way as well, please stay tuned!

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