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Wall of Awesome Parenting Moments

Today I want to introduce a new page on the Help 4 Your Family website. Anyone who looks on Facebook can see that, for most parents, Facebook is where we celebrate the accomplishments of our children. But how often do we take a moment to celebrate our own successes, large and small, as parents?

Awards and Recognition
Awards and Recognition (Photo credit: B Tal)

I would like to start helping parents to acknowledge and celebrate our achievements more regularly. In that spirit, I would like to invite you to email me: to share some of your parenting successes.  I’m not necessarily talking about when you selflessly baked cookies for the entire preschool until one in the morning, although that could be something you are proud of.  I’m talking about the time your teenager said something nasty to you in front of her friends and you handled it in a way you were proud of. I’m talking about how you, like the mom at, caught the poo with your bare hands before it hit the water in the tub so you didn’t have to restart the entire bath. I want to hear how you figured out a quick new way to take care of yourself so you didn’t go ballistic when you had to tell your ten-year old for the 40th time not to leave her shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor. As you share these moments with me, I will start posting them. I want this site to become a place for sharing ideas, and small, or large triumphs as parents. Please join me. In your email, please include the name you would like me to use (screen name, first name and last initial, anonymous, etc.) and the achievement you are proud of.

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