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Parent Affirmation Monday- Breathing- 8/6/2012

Kate Oliver, MSW, LCSW-C


meditation (Photo credit: HaPe_Gera)

I usually get an eye-roll when I mention the idea of breathing or paying attention to one’s breathing in my office.  It is so simple.  We all breathe all day, everyday.  As my dad would say, “It’s better than the alternative.”  This week, I want to give you a simple task to go along with your affirmation.  Pay attention to your breath.  Notice how you are breathing at different times of the day.  If each breath is felt most in your shoulders, try taking in a breath that fills your belly like a balloon, then lets the air out of the balloon.  It only takes a moment.

Take a deep breath- through your nose if possible- and let it out slowly.  You can even try the trick my meditation teacher taught me called the “mindsweep.”  When someone has entered your space and left a bad feeling behind- you know, when you were fine when they walked in the room then not so fine after they have left, it means you took on some of their feelings, like anxiety, depression, anger, etc.  This is what the mindsweep is for.  Turn your head to the left.  Take a deep breath in, telling yourself that you are breathing in to remind yourself who you really are.  Hold the breath as you turn your head to the right.  Once you are looking to the right, imagine that you are blowing their stuff right back out of you as you breath- or blow- out.

Just paying attention to your breathing is a form of body regulation.  You can lower your heart-rate, increase oxygen intake, and reduce stress all with simple breaths.

I pay attention to my breathing.  I am thankful for each breath.

If you would  like, you can say the first sentance as you breath in and the second as you breath out to make a little feel-good meditation.

We can see how this helps you, but how does it help your children?  When you regulate your body, you are teaching them to regulate their bodies.  When they see you taking a deep breath as a way to stop from yelling, they will take on this behavior as well.  Once you get good at this, you can teach them to breath deeply too and to pay attention to their breaths.

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