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Beautiful Blogger Award

Written by, Kate Oliver, MSW, LCSW-C

Karen, the Queen of Familiosity, was kind enough to nominate me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I feel so beautiful!  Thank you Karen, for thinking of me so kindly.  I encourage everyone to check out Karen’s blog, especially the beautiful Navajo Prayer she shared in her recent post when she was nominated as a beautiful blogger.  I plan to live up to my new award by continuting to provide blogs that come from my heart because I know that anything that comes from the heart is beautiful.

Here are tasks asked of those who choose to accept the nomination as  a Beautiful Blogger:

1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back.

2. Tell one unknown fact about yourself.

3.Nominate five blogs.

4. Let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites.

5. Copy and paste the award image on your site.

Now that I have thanked Karen, I will proceed to tell an unknown fact about myself while trying to keep it relevant to the content of my blog.  I’m going to make this a two for one deal.  Here’s the first one…this blog is as much for me as it is for you.  I write it because it keeps me mindful of the things I need to focus on, it encourages me to continue to expand my own knowledge about myself and the children I work with.

In case that first item wasn’t enough, I’ll throw in a second unknown fact.  For fun recently, I got my palm read.  The woman who read my palm was actually quite interesting.  We had a funny moment when she looked at the side of my hand and her eyes opened wide.  She stammered for a moment as she asked me how many children I have.  I told her I have two.  She asked me if I have any other children that are close to me as if they were my own children and I told her what I do for a living.  She started laughing and said that I must care deeply for them because there are many, many children showing up as mine on the side of my palm- more than she could count.  I smiled because I know that I do carry many children in my heart and, apparently, on the sides of my hands as well 🙂

Now, to nominate five others.  I have been so lucky to find so many good blogs.  I know a few that were recently nominated and appropriately so like One Inch of Grace and Mom Meets Blog.

This time, I’ve decided to nominate:

1. dirtyrottenparenting– I especially loved her No Modesty Mother’s Day post.

2. Hike.Blog.Love– If you are an adoptive parent of an older child, do not miss the post she wrote to her “pre-mommy” self- I linked to that one specifically.

3. insaniteen– an honest look at raising teens with varied needs that includes the difficulty of allowing them to feel the consequences of their choices.

4. Mombian– a wonderful resource for LGBT parents

5. Dad Loves Daddy– the Road to King post was so sweet I was holding back tears.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful blogs and thanks again to Karen for the nomination!

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